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Pegboard is a specially machined board with well-spaced holes, used in conjunction with accessories to neatly display or organize furniture.
Pegboard was first used in 1962, commonly used as a general term for perforated storage boards made of cardboard, wood, metal, or other material
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Welcome to Pegboard Shop – The World of Creativity

We are pleased to welcome customers who are interested or not very familiar with Pegboard products.

What is Pegboard?

Speaking of Pegboard, we think of boards with many small holes in their surface, and that is the space for your creativity to manifest. One of the best methods to organize tools and furniture neatly and effectively is to use pegboards.

Pegboard is made of many different materials, such as wood, metal, or lighter plastic. In a way, they also look very eye-catching if your house has a pegboard.

Pegboard is known and used a lot in the last few years, when people focus on minimalism, utility and decor. Before that, it was often found in machinery facilities, warehouses…At our Pegboard shop, we have many different models in terms of size and material, color to suit many purposes. difference.

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Which Pegboard do you use?

Each type of Pegboard has different advantages and disadvantages. Metal versions are very suitable for garage and workshop environments thanks to their large bearing capacity and rust resistance. Plastic or acrylic pegboards are often used in homes for decorative purposes, organizing craft items. Wood Pegboard options are user-friendly and easy to use in many spaces with the lowest budgets.

Wood pegboard can be made from many different types of wood, such as MDF, Plywood or natural wood. Pegboard made from natural wood is usually very beautiful but also the most expensive. That’s why only professional pegboard users will take the time and effort to manufacture their own pegboard from natural wood. This product is not normally commercially available. To reduce costs, MDF or Plywood materials are used to produce wooden pegboards. These boards are usually covered with a thin layer of melamine in color or wood grain for a better look.

Steel pegboard is usually made from stainless steel or powder coated steel. Steel pegboard boards are usually quite heavy and can withstand great force when mounted on the wall.

What are Pegboard Accessories?

The included accessories are indispensable for these Pegboards. Consists of:
– Hangers: are the most popular accessories to help hang most items and goods
– Tray, basket pegboard: helps to organize small items such as screws, jewelry …
– Pegboard shelves: usually horizontal shelves for furniture or decoration
– Specialized pegboard hooks: accessories specially designed for specific purposes such as storing screwdrivers, drills, hammers,


How is Pegboard used?

Once you understand the benefits of pegboard you will want to hang pegboard everywhere from the dining room to the bedroom, the warehouse, the garage…

  • Pegboard helps to upgrade the warehouse more neatly
  • Metal pegboard for car repair garage
  • Pegboard neat kitchen
  • Pegboard helps to organize jewelry neatly
  • Pegboard for your kid’s crafting area
  • Pegboard organizes kitchen utensils,…
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